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Our client wanted an elegant yet approachable website for their Vedic astrology practice. They entrusted us to create a cohesive brand identity and gave us complete freedom to design the logo and text. With the name already chosen, we crafted the logo and webpage around it.

Revati website design and new logo design

In our complete design concept, we strived for effortless elegance, allowing us to maintain the exclusivity of our services. We started the design phase with the logo, initially aiming for a bold move by creating a name logo, as we believed that unique name choice alone would stand out. However, we knew that selecting the right typography would be crucial. We experimented with numerous variations until we finally found the current refined, elegant style with delicate lines.

The brand name itself holds significance as it is open to interpretation, giving us room to showcase our creative skills.

revati logó tervezés

The website was crafted to match the elegance of the logo, employing a color scheme of dark blue and gold. Our aim was to convey the essence of astrology, particularly in relation to personality development. Despite the well-known prejudices associated with this field, we aimed to break barriers and challenge stereotypes.

revati weblap készítés layout

The text on the website was carefully crafted to emphasize personality and provide a clear understanding of the consultation process. We also optimized the site for organic reach, strategically incorporating keywords in the astrological consulting section. To ensure a user-friendly experience, we condensed lengthy text by hiding it in specific sections.


As a result, our client’s website is gaining visibility on organic search results, often appearing on the second page for important keywords.

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