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In 2022, our client moved to a new, modern and sleekly designed clinic. This relocation prompted a desire to refresh their online presence and align it with the aesthetics of the clinic. They entrusted us with a comprehensive rebranding project, which involved a complete overhaul of their website and logo. Additionally, a key objective was to expand their client base not only in Győr but also into Austria. Throughout the entire design process, we were given creative freedom to bring their vision to life.

new website design for gyenes dent

Logo Design

With the freedom to execute the design process, we ensured that all elements reflected the welcoming atmosphere of the practice. By incorporating the clinic’s dominant anthracite color and infusing a touch of elegance, we created a logo that perfectly complements the brand.

Website design

When it came to website design, we took a unique approach. Instead of relying on stock photos, we used our own pictures from the surgery to provide an authentic representation of the practice. 

The layout of the website was strategically planned, prioritizing both SEO and functionality. Mobile-friendly and easy clickability were at the forefront of our design to deliver optimum user experience.

Not only did we focus on the visual aspects, but we also carefully crafted the tone of the website text. Balancing an informative yet direct approach, we tailored the language to appeal to Austrian patients, who appreciate a more formal style. The introduction of longer service landing pages eliminated the need for visitors to navigate to additional subpages for information, streamlining their experience.

Facebook Ads

To expand our client’s reach, we utilized Facebook ads in addition to Google ads. By creating educational and engaging content, we successfully increased page followers and generated inquiries. 

before after logo creation

new website structure for dental client

facebook ads creative template


We also translated the website into print form with a leaflet designed to match the online presence. The inclusion of a parameterized QR code allowed us to track visits from the flyer.

gyenes dent create flyer

gyenes dent client document


The outcome speaks for itself. With the implementation of the new website, we achieved a remarkable doubling of visits compared to the previous year. Elevate your practice’s online appearance and drive more traffic with our expert design and marketing solutions.

seo result after seo copywriting and website seo

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