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Our client came to us with a clear vision – to emphasize his marketing services and expand his organic reach through a revamped website and engaging copywriting. Simplicity, elegance, and professionalism were key to the desired design, avoiding unnecessary extravagance.

adsvalley new webpage create

To strike the perfect balance, we explored a black and white concept, exuding a refined and traditional aesthetic to showcase our client’s professionalism and expertise in the digital marketing field.

However, to add a touch of vibrancy and avoid any rigidity, we introduced magenta accents and experimented with unique typefaces. By incorporating a more relaxed tone in the content, we successfully maintained a youthful and approachable vibe, capturing the essence of our client’s business.

new website design

Additionally, our client expressed a desire to incorporate spirituality into the website. To fulfill this request, we ingeniously integrated an image of an elephant in a meditation pose, with a laptop on its lap, into the logo design. This brought together the two worlds seamlessly, creating a powerful fusion.

adsvalley new logo design

Each sub-page of the website was strategically crafted to function like a landing page, optimized for advertising purposes and enhanced search engine rankings. To ensure faster load times, a critical factor in search rankings, we minimized image usage in the opening blocks. Instead, each service was highlighted with a unique illustration connected to the brand logo. Our menu header design was specially crafted to maintain the overall visual cohesion, seamlessly appearing after leaving the opening block.


As a result of our efforts, the website achieved improved organic positions for relevant keywords while sporting a fresher and more youthful appearance.

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